A Small List Of Sugestions

here is a list of some ideas I had for different parts of the game
(ill add more as I think of them or if others add to the list of ideas :smile: )

add the ability to craft more ‘fine’ items ( stone items from the mason, tailoring items, cooked food etc)

gold trim around items like the stone tables, birdbaths, trim on items like the bench, chair, lanterns and braziers. old ornaments on the stone gates

“Fine” windows, shop signs, doors, flowerboxes, wooden gate/fence

curtans, banners, rugs, and plushies. add different plushies ( fox, racoon, sheep, heathling ( both male and female versons) )

instead of ‘fine’ for food it could be something like "amazing’ or “well prepared” could give the person eating it a bonus depending on the "Class"
crafters: chance to use less materials and higher chance of ‘fine’ items
Sheppard: ( open to some ideas here)
Footmen: could give a bonus to attack and defence
Trapper: could get a chance for a higher quality of fur pelt
basic workers: faster movement speed/can carry more

Blacksmith: Mounted weapons and amour stands ( would require the item to be ‘mounted’ and wood and/or stone. fences and gates, doors and windows

Weapons/armour: ‘quality’ items could give more defence attack or a quality weapon could have a few defence/amour would have a few attack points

Crafting Que:
The ability to set your ‘maintain’ options to have the ‘fine’ version ( they will keep crafting the item till there are X amount of ‘fine’ versions of that items in stock)

auto add the crafted materials for items ( if I want to make curtains it would auto que the needed bolts for the curtains and the needed thread for the bolts)

Farming: I would love to see the farmers prioritize the oldest crops for picking first, I have had full fields rot while freshly matured items are harvested first

I know this had been suggested before but allow us to grow and move berry bushes…
this would also open up more farming and crafting items. more types of berries could be grown and made into jams and pies. the bushes could also be made into a decoration( one that would not give fruit but would look like there is fruit on it)


Thanks for the suggestions @Fralee

A lot of your points have been promised for later down the line.

I agree there I hope Team R does this.

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oh, any ideas at what ones are ‘planed’?

Do you mean a bonus on food morale, and better morale gives them the more speed, etc…

meant to say a buff witch is basically a bonus to some stat but not morale

its a good idea either ways