Idea's for Stonehearth going forwards

having played the game for a few hours i have notice a couple of things, which no doubt some other players might have suggested too but i thought i would at least put them out there.

  1. when u put a sign on a house (eg Carpenter,Mason) u could put something in the script that makes that house belong to the people who are working on that job. that way only they would sleep in the bed in the house and eat there too. So when u build more beds more workers of that job can live there and it means there arent going all over the map looking for a place to eat or sleep.

  2. A Prospector would be a great help in finding Ore under ground as that the moment (i could be wrong) it seems more like dig and hope at that moment.

  3. you could advance the wood resource a little further, instead of the carpenter just making stuff out of a wood block. u could make a saw mill that would make the wood into planks to make the fences.

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Totally off topic, but welcome to the discourse! :smiley:

I disagree with number 3, I don’t see this game as having complex crafting trees or benefiting from it. In a game where we play a character directly and have our own “hands” at crafting, e.g. minecraft, then complex crafting requirements and crafting trees are a good part of the fun.

The number 2, prospector, is a good idea. Although you can see ores veins in the mountains, underground is much more difficult to know which areas has which ores. Maybe it will be an ability for the geomancer?

I’d love for grass to regrow in spots where I destroy buildings. If I already have a custom building that I’d want to place in the spot where the previous building was, I can’t. And more decorative items, like pews instead of cathedral chairs, and little stools for a bar.

i would love to see some form of knight in the game to combat wolf riders :slightly_smiling:
so the herder needs to do horses and the smith needs to be able to make lances :slight_smile: and presto a footman can become a knight