Suggested features

Hi everyone.

I’ve been playing Stonehearth since alpha 5 and I’ve recently thought about a few things.

  • Will we be able to place dirt/grass? Would make it a lot easier to make elevated houses/gardens/farms instead of finding a premade hill and dig it out. It would make it possible to make farms inside mountains.

  • Will we be able to either go back to world map if the tile we chose isnt’t as we thought without having to find new settlers all over again or at least get to see a preview of the tile before settling. I’ve had several times where I’ve thought that I’ve found a good spot and when I get ingame, it’s not how I thought it would be.


I suggest add in the game block of dirt and grass. I guess it’s rly easy to do this and the game would give more options!
My second suggestion is do something with mining. In the caves there are nothing and doing nonsens tunels is boring. You should add some like… abadoned mine or some mobs places?

I hope I have given good ideas :slight_smile:

I really need a “cancel furniture” option after a shadow of a bed was accidentally placed on a house roof. The villagers cannot access that area and I cannot remove it as the bed cannot be placed.

I’d like to actually switch to play as a villager and do their stuff while others run doing jobs in the background in a similar style to minecraft so I can see the town up close and play as part of the town.

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I’d love the first-person kind of thing, though I don’t know how RAM memory would be increased, considering that you would need to always have values (like the percentage of crafting) Real Time and stuff, to not get crafting stopped part-way