Little list of ideas

Soo here are a couple ideas to improve stonehearth all together, if you wish comment below your opinion

  1. Building order : soo i am impatient and i sometimes ask my builders to build 3 or 4 places at the same time , it could be nice if i could say witch of them i wanted builded first and what second (or multiples at a time) setting a priority , this way they could finish the most important buildings first.

  2. Managing the Hammer : As stated on the thread
    Workers earning XP and Leveling

Workers could have some job abilities attributed to them to make them work faster or at least have more health , after all the worker class needs some love.

  1. Potions RPG Stile : As suggested on this thread

We could have something to give the warriors or group of warriors potions. Most of times i manage without any Herbalist with no problems at all, and this could improve his usefulness.
Something like assign 10 potions to group 1 soo that any of the members could use it (it could only be done if they are out of combat) and during combat they gradually heal.

  1. Portals : After completing some quests to the kingdom (witch the name i forgot ) they could allow us the use of portals , that would open up the possibility of long range mining and even building other colonies in certain places to gather materials , making the map a little more " relevant "

5)Speaking of the kingdom : it could be an actual place on the map right? lets say we build a dock or a stable and with it you get access to a menu with shows the city , inside of it you have a lot of merchants where you can buy armors , sell stuff and see the city itself,the only downside is that it would take time to the stuff to get to your city and out of it soo the full plate wouldn’t just appear.

  1. The merchants : i mean they are good and all but they could sell useful stuff right , most of the times i just ignore them , i wish they could sell unique items or itens with different effects , that would make the market much more interesting.

And those are somethings i think could improve the game , anyway leave your comments below if you soo wish.

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Thanks for using my thread, you greatly improved upon it and gave some good ideas! :smiley: