Overall Gameplay

Hi everyone.

I’ve played Stonehearth for a long time. First I tried it out (torrent, sorry…) and I liked it so much, it’s the first game I payed full price for.

I love the concept, the art, the whole idea behind this game. I’ve tested this game to the max in a lot of scenarios, and this is what I have found that I would suggest:

  1. Individual job assignment. I feel that If you could click on a hearthling, and click on a tree, or a mining site, and let that hearthling focus all his attention on a specific task, the game play can be much quicker.

When you get to a certain amount of hearthlings, I have found above 30, you have so much hearthlings in so much jobs, needed specific resources, all at the same time to ensure that you make adequate progress. Having all your workers who doesn’t have assigned jobs haul, makes your wait hours to get everything picked up. You need wood, mining goods, cooking ingredients, loot, all these stuff needs picking up, because your hearthlings performing jobs need to make items for war, food, decorations, items to build etc.

If you can click on one worker, click and drag a specific area that he needs to pick up, it can go so much quicker. Half way done with the items they pick up, they scatter and pick up another place’s items, and so you have hearthlings running all over the place, not accomplishing everything in less time.

I appreciate adding the feature that you can tick of which workers can haul, build, mine, but I feel that if you can assign jobs individually, everything can go quicker. I don’t want to say like Age of Empires, but I kinda want to…

  1. I’ve seen in my recent game, that when you build a lot of buildings and walls, my workers now don’t take down the scuff holding. Very frustrating, because I’m a bit of a neat freak, and having unfinished structures, makes me want to exit the game.

  2. Jobs. My cook takes a long time to finish tasks, as do my blacksmith. I moved chests with the items they need next to them, as well as empty chests marked specifically for the items they produce, and still they stop and run somewhere else, outside of sleeping and eating, even if I ticked that they should only do their job. I do not have this problem with the weaver, carpenter, engineer or herbalist.

  3. Hearthlings get stuck inside walls. When I build walls, I make them 5 x whatever the length required. They build the scuff holding inside of the structure, and get stuck inside the walls. Then I have to get another worker to build ladders to get them out. This wastes time.

  4. Items dropped inside my walls, or outside walls. When I build a place for my animals, I border it with a wall. When my shepard kills the animals, the meat, feather, wool lands outside my wall of my city, or inside the wall structure which I already closed at the top for my archers to parade. Then I can’t pick that item up unless I destroy the wall, and I would think that this influences the path finding badly as well, as my hearthlings would like to pick the item up, but can’t find a path to it.

  5. Shepards. I wish that shepards would focus more on picking up eggs, wool etc as they do on feeding the animals. I usually have 6 shepards, with 50 chickens, 24 sheep and 25 rabbits. They leave the items strewn about and, as I mentioned before, I’m kind of a neat freak, and this bothers me a lot. Another problem that I have come across, is that when you kill all the chickens, the shepards doesn’t search for new chickens. You have to appoint a new sheppard, and make a new pasture for the sheppard to search for chickens again.

If you would like videos about the above problems, I’ll be glad to send them. At this stage I can’t work due to medical problems, and I spend 4-5 hours a day on this game. I have time…

Kind regards
Stonehearth addict.

Maybe you want to read this and leave a reply, to poke the devs to maybe think about the idea :smiley:

I like the drag ideas of you.
Could be a nice addition.