Feedback, and a bit of critique

Played Stoneheart for a while, these are the first things i could think of that could make the game better.
also there are some bugs…

  1. Have a priority list, be able to prioritize jobs.

  2. farmers work on separate fields

  3. Hearthlings stop building houses even when the building resources requirements are met.

  4. Resources that has been harvested does not show up on in inventory. ( there are a lot of resources that are just laying around and not being moved to stockpile, this is what i think is the problem)

Although i think this is one of the better civ builder games out there, i need to address something that i dont like… the hearthling feels… dumb. It feels like they do things very inefficient, they don’t do their jobs all the time (not thinking about when they have conversations with others), they just sit there idling when there is a job to be done. example: they dont finish restocking, i can clearly see that there is alot of resources that still is laying around and the heartlings are still idling…
I’m sorry that this is vague complaint and that i cant specify exactly what i dislike, this is the overall feeling around the heartlings… this i really the only thing so far i can say that im not a fan of, and i aware that this is still in alpha.

Overall i think this is a great game with a lot of potential, and i hope that the devs dont abandon it.

  1. and 4. are bugs btw

How is 1 a bug?

99% of the time, this is a pathfinding issue. Basically, just look through your build and find an object that doesn’t have access to its location, place a ladder to it, and (most of the time) they will finish the job.

Until they’re in some form of storage, whether that be a stockpile or crate, they won’t show up in your inventory. This is actually meant to do this as if your town inventory is full, they won’t pickup/harvest anything additional.

Again, do you have room in your stockpiles and is your town inventory full?

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I checked, the stockpiles are not full

And the town inventory is not full

N.1 is not a bug… sorry