My Thoughts On Stonehearth

Decided to create a single post for all my gripes, bugs, and suggestions concerning this game.

First up my gripes.

  1. The free standing wall too only extends so far (16 blocks) so multiple walls must be placed when covering more ground which brings me to my next gripe.

  2. Doors unable to be built near/on wall columns so creating a small wall (<7 blocks) with a door is impossible, and longer walls have to be carefully planned to keep this limitation from affecting door placement.

  3. No way to view the different floors of a multistory building with the building cutaway option.

  4. Unable to mine up. I wanted to connect the insides of two hills/plateaus together with an underground tunnel without making any other hole in the second hill/plateau but even after fiddling around with the levels and camera angle to make the blocks selectable the workers wouldn’t mine them.

  5. No individual column mine tool. Would make trimming areas inaccessible with the 4x4 mine tool quicker and easier.

  6. Unable to select the size of the area to be defended and units will not attack enemies outside the designated defense area even if said enemy is attacking them.

  7. Unable to designate tasks to specific Hearthlings nor unable to assign Hearthlings to crafting benches. For example if I have a large castle with two cooks and two kitchens I can’t assign the cooks to cook in either area nor can I ensure either area is stocked with food.

  8. Enemies spawn in places where they really shouldn’t such as on top of the plateau I’m hollowing out or at the other end of the plateau I’ve built on. How did they get up there exactly?

  9. The increase in Food requirement for the next Hearthling seems a little steep. Hearthling 28 requires 1716 units of food. If each Hearthling ate 2 units of food 3 times a day it would take over 10 days for the food to run out if it wasn’t replenished. 3 units 3 times a day it would last just over 6 days.

  10. The quantity of items available to sell to the merchant and the quantity of items in the inventory doesn’t match. Can only assume that the merchant window only considers items in a container or designated area while town inventory considers all “white bordered” items be them in a designated area or scattered on the ground.

Some bugs/issues I’ve run into

  1. The metal clad door doesn’t fit properly into a wall making the portal unusable. Attempted to place two back to back to see if I could use it then with no luck.

  2. The battle music plays for no reason sometimes very rarely. I’ve paused the game and looked around to see who’s fighting what and where and no one’s ever fighting anything anywhere and there are no enemies near anyone.

  3. I’ve put about 47 hours into the game now as of this post and have only 27 Hearthlings but all characters are now stuttering. They all (Hearthlings, animals, enemies) perform an action like take a step, then pause for a second, then perform their next action such as take another step, then pause for a second. It’s not a constant thing, but happens enough to be annoying. Though it might just be my computer, it has been acting up… A restart of the computer seems to have cleared it up.
    Computer specs Intel i5 4670K, 16Gb of RAM, 4Gb GeForce GTX 770, and the game is installed on a 1Tb Samsung 850 Pro. I’m able to move the camera around, interact with the buttons at the bottom of the screen, and select items, creatures, and enemies just fine.

I’ve got to say that despite the above I absolutely love the game so far and hope development continues for a long time. Some suggestions

I would like to have more to do such as procedurally generated dungeons that “are found(randomly spawn)” that I could take my troops into and get loot. Maybe place a boss mob at the end, or orc/undead towns near the edges of the map away from the player’s town that are placed in the beginning and get built while the player’s playing like playing the computer in a RTS like Warcraft or Starcraft.

Constructable siege weapons like ballistas and catapults and mannable turrets that don’t need to be repaired but instead need someone assigned to them like a defensive position.

An alert if a Hearthling hasn’t eaten in over a day and there’s plenty of food for it to eat (i.e. it’s stuck somewhere).


The stuttering/jerking characters started up again after a few hours of playing.

hey KyutaSyuko

I too have quite a lot of the same gripes especially the mining ones,

try holding shift whilst placing the free standing walls, the devs have said and explained multiple times that they thought this would be obvious and when you think about it, it is, for some reason nobody ever tries it :smiley:

I just never use the defend command, build in a defensible location and then place your farms further towards where the raids come from and then all your combatants will be in the right place when you get attacked.

This is due to the fact that the devs have stuff planned and not implemented, in this case seasons. This isn’t actually a lot of food if you think you won’t be able to grow crops for 3 months (90 days) in winter, that would be 8100 food needed for 30 hearthlings to eat 3 meals a day for the whole of winter.

What you are seeing with the stuttering hearthlings is that you have hit the limit of what your PC can handle. Most intel quad cores get to about 27 - 30 hearthlings before the game becomes unplayable. This game is limited by CPU power and that is why there is stuttering. But it is a bug because a simulation game it should just slow the simulation down so everything happens slower, but stonehearth doesn’t do this, instead it drops commands here and there so that it can perform what the game thinks is most important. And everything also stutters :frowning:

The only problem with this is that you might get spammed with alerts when your military is out fighting something nasty because they attacked right before lunch.


It is not food unit, it is food value in gold. Example: berries are worth 2 gold, while a roasted mutton is worth 45 gold.
So for hearthling 28 you would need 858 berries. Or much easier, 39 roasted mutton. :slight_smile:

Yes, they count only those items that are properly stored, those in the ground not picked yet are not counted. The town inventory also counts items that are placed and used, like doors and windows in a building.

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I would say just using farmers is the easiest, whilst there is no auto slaughter of the last fully grown animal in a pen this 39 roasted mutton is way harder to get physically.

But I never knew it was the foods worth, interesting, thought it made so much more sense to have the actual meal numbers.

I think it is more efficient to slaughter them all in one go, but let 2 in there to breed. This way you have your shepherd gathering more wild animals and the remaining animals inside breeding.

But the truly easiest way is to simple buy the food. The wealth requirement (third, after the happiness) can be met even with very few gold, cause your builds worth a lot. So you can spend you gold buying good food :stuck_out_tongue:

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There are workarounds for this. If you build each story individually, as if they were each their own building, the slicer tool works perfect for you seeing one floor at a time.

The individual voxel tool isn’t enough?

The inventory counts ALL items, including the ones you’ve already placed in the world. The merchant can only buy what hasn’t been placed. With how heavy I decorate, as well as with how much food you have to have at 30+ "lings, this is why I ended up turning infinite inventory back on.

Refer to this post.

Was thinkging I had done that, bu then quickly realized I hadn’t. Will have to try it next time.

That makes sense and sounds interesting[quote=“Freedom, post:3, topic:27132”]
The only problem with this is that you might get spammed with alerts when your military is out fighting something nasty because they attacked right before lunch.
I did say over a day. Hopefully taking down that something nasty won’t take over a day…[quote=“BrunoSupremo, post:4, topic:27132”]
It is not food unit, it is food value in gold. Example: berries are worth 2 gold, while a roasted mutton is worth 45 gold.So for hearthling 28 you would need 858 berries. Or much easier, 39 roasted mutton. :slight_smile:
I see. Took a look at the town info again. Thought agriculture was the gold value didn’t pay much attention to the Edible value at the top…

Right, but if I decide I want to add or move things into the building after it’s built makes it a little difficult…

It isn’t when you want to make the trims the same height as the 4x4 tool and you’re trimming out to blocks you can’t see or access without dragging from a block you can and hoping you don’t drag too far. Just think it’d be quicker and easier if there was a 1x4 tool so you can select the one (or drag to select more) from the top down view and the next three below are also selected. Not saying I want it to replace the 1x1 tool because that one’s also handy for other things. While we’re on this topic I think it’d be nice to be able to click and drag to select vertical adjacent blocks as well.

That is some good info. I’m guessing since I’ve completely blocked off parts of my settlement this is probably my issue. Pathing errors pop up every so often for me.

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your computer is great my is shit

Played for several hours yesterday with no stuttering people. Game became unresponsive for a bit a few times though.