64bit Version Testing Issues

Hey, just a quick thread on issues with the 64bit version of Stonehearth. I just punched up the latest version and while I don’t have the chance do do a quick play through today, the one issue I noticed that carried through was the issue of the save game menu takes a really long time to load. I’m not sure if it’s been noted, but I really wanted to note that, making new saves, overwriting old saves, or deleting saves takes a very long time, and the game looks as though it’s frozen. Also, simply loading the save menu takes a long time, not sure what’s causing it.

Also from the last version is the same old that workers sometimes stop doing their jobs, and I’ve had hearthlings get hungry, but stand still and not go eat. Sometimes saving/loading works, sometimes not. I imagine this as an ongoing issue that is going to be ongoing treated as possible. It appears that there’s a lot of issue with distance, it feels like workers ignore things to do that are too far away, so if I have a mine far away but I want to bring the ore it makes closer to town, it won’t do it. Also had an issue with crafters not recognizing I had materials and doing crafting, namely the blacksmith had an issue recognizing I had ore or bars, or sometimes he would get too far away from his anvil and stop working at all. (Again, all issues with the last version that might have been fixed, I haven’t had the chance retest)

Aside from that the only stand out bug I noticed was that the helmet for chainmail wasn’t properly placed on the Soldier’s head. That was last version, and incredibly obvious, so I assume it’s fixed, but I’m noting it for posterity’s sake.

My last town in question was on day 23 and had 20 hearthlings, I have found that the new requirements are maybe a bit too easy, even the old requirements, I managed to find a way to get a hearthling a day, I feel as though it may require some more jumps, because as much as I love gaining a hearthling a day, I don’t think it makes for the most interesting gameplay.

Edit: Also I had a really weird bug that I’m not sure if I can replicate, but I will try. I managed to build a building that somehow my villagers could place stuff in, but then shortly after, they were unable to path in, so they never ate at the tables insider, nor slept on the beds. I also was having problems with pathing through a gate, as well.

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thx for writing this info ^^ that confirms the most of my issues :smiley:

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I too have noticed this. It seems to me that is only really becomes a problem once you get a larger number of Hearthlings. I’m at 24 at the moment and most sit around doing nothing. I’ve tried building roads to help the pathing issue, but to no avail. A good chunk of my “far away” road is unfinished along with the stone wall beside it.

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Some new issues I discovered today:

Game appears crash happy. Crashed twice while trying to place free standing walls.
Game bugged up and got locked into a state where I couldn’t select things when I tried to place a double door on a building.