[Con] Day 19 bug, now with an odd twist

I’m loving the 64 bit version by the way. Finally I can last long enough to build up a decent town and craft some cool items.

Anyway, I’ve found on both of my PCs that day 19, mid day always crashes no matter what happens. It seems the game just hits a wall at this point and cannot continue. I’ve had it happen to me every single time I’ve hit day 19.

Just now, however, upon trying to restart SH I am getting a windows error message stating:

Error starting application:

“C:/Windows/system32/stonehearth.json” does not exist

I can confirm that during this time the game will randomly crash. no error message.
But when I restart the game will load on my PC.

Before the crash the game will start to lagg, the game will sometimes freeze for a second and then continue. this happends on both normal and double speed.

AMD FX-8320 Eight-core ~3,5 GHz
AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series
Windows 7 64bit
Stonehearth 0.1.0 (2133) x64 Build, no mods

Edit: I have turned down my graphics settings, draw distance etc. and the lagg is less often than before, and so are the crashes. So I think they are out of memory crashes But I have a pretty good pc, so for ppl with less specs this could be a serious problem

Out of memory crashes? Wasn’t the x64 build supposed to fix those?

Looks like we need some major fixing, which I’m sure Radiant is already underway with.

Actually I really don’t think this one is any kind of memory related issue, since it always happens right on day 19. Maybe something to do with how the progression of time is stored and accounted for?


for me it happend on the 18th 19th 21th 22th. all random times. but the lagg got worse the more hearthlings I had and the more needed to be done(ie building, mining etc)

I didnt want to make a new topic for what I thinnk is the same problem. towns get bigger, and need more memory


I think the 64-Bit was mainly to help with the save bug, The memory Limit of 2 Gig is still the same, I think there was a thread a while ago saying the game needs to be rendered more due to the amount of items all over (or something like that)

My last game wasn’t effected by the 19th day glitch yet, But I started a new game so I probably won’t be so lucky :stuck_out_tongue:

jup the memory problem i know ^^ to much people - to much houses - so after day 10 the movements freeze every 2 seconds for 12 seconds - fun to play :wink: the best way at the moment not more then 9 peoples ^^