Unable to Save [Dev-2521]

Since Stonehearth’s latest release was updated to 2521, I’ve started two games. In both of those games, after some unspecified time, I lose the ability to save. When I click overwrite or new save, there is a moment of the save/load icon and then nothing. No save is overwritten, no save is created, nothing.

My second attempt, I thought ahead and saved right as I put the flag down. After the first Daily Update, I went to save the game and it did nothing. There are no preceding error messages or UI errors, saving just does not work. I had experienced this a couple times before in other releases but reloading fixed it (as far as I remember). It really sucks that I’m unable to save, all these towns start off in a really nice direction before I am forced to leave the game. :frowning:

P.S. - My hearthlings have forgotten how to scaffold…ing? They always build the scaffoldings on the inside of any house and the ladders on the outside, then tear down three out of four scaffoldings on the inside and build new ones on the outside. I haven’t been able to find a thread about this, if someone could point me to one I’d be grateful! :smile:

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Do you have auto-save activated?
I remember a similar case to yours reported before, but can’t search for it atm.

Maybe someone else knows a workaround for this.

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Can you send us some logs from the games that failed to save? Just past the last say, 50 lines of each into the thread. Thanks!

I do have auto-save activated.

@sdee Sure, where should I send it?

It also seems to have stopped, now that I’m saving pretty much twice a Stonehearth day. It’s day three and I’ve saved about 10 times already. It shouldn’t have overwritten anything as long as I keep that Day 1 save up, right?

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Send it to contact@radiant-entertainment.com, with a note that it’s from this thread! :slight_smile: Thanks!