Build 450 saving problems

I scrolled through there and didn’t see anyone else saying this so i thought i’d make one.

I’ve created a world played on it around half the day i saved around 12:30pm it’s need around 4 hours sense i’ve saved again so i tried it was around 4:30pm and it said “saving…” very fast so i checked the time on the saves and it still said 12:30pm so i thought it didn’t go threw so i saved again and same thing still 12:30pm so i loaded it to find it sent me back when i saved at 12:30pm no idea if anyone else is having this bug/issue from what i saw on Steam none did.

ID - 93d2abbc-421c-11e5-9953-bc8556e46e2e

Sorry for the late reply, @Shijen :sweat:

So there was only one save file? I think someone reported something similar about “saving” disappearing very fast and didn’t seem to save the game… Maybe there’s something on your stonehearth.log (it’s located inside the folder where you have Stonehearth installed).