Build-2176 Broken save

I have a broken save, though it might be a nice thing to share. Maybe the developers might check it out and see what the problem is :smile:

Broken Save

@Tom @Ponder @sdee ? You guys interested? or will this solve nothing?

They know saves are broken, and are wroking to resolve the problem, and new build will be out tomorrow

an new build just tomorrow?`How do you know that? That have told you the devil! :smiley:

it was said on stream, we got the most likely part from tom, so dont fully quote me on it, never know a problem might arise

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Hey @BacMan12, could you be a bit more descriptive? What exactly is broken? :slight_smile:

@sdee When i load it it’s totally frozen, and then i have to force quit Stonehearth

the same issue i have if i try to make an wall from riff to a mountain - there was an issue in the files - best complete deinstall and reinstall :wink: and then try first an old save and then the newest :smiley:

edit: in the new download is the issue now from mountain to riff xD

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Aha, thanks. We’ll take a look!

@sdee Is there a bug where you can’t save past day 25 or so? I’ve got a nice village at day 29 and when I go to save, it just deletes the screenshots until there’s nothing left.

I do this save, quit and restart - and I now have no saves. Seems it systematically deleted them all.