Very Bad Bug In Game

Not sure if you guys know about this one or not but when im about an hour into the game or so i click on icons and pretty much they don’t go away. I can try and see where im at on the menu. I hit save exit out of the game start it up again and my save is gone. this happened two times and I saved before in this same world but it deletes my save. great game by the way I can see this game going a long way you guys are what inspire people! Great job and Hope the best of luck with all these fun bugs! :smile: Please let me know if you need additional information about this problem.

Welcome aboard, @RockBear! :smiley:

Could you provide any screenshot of the bug? You say the UI gets stuck and doesn’t go away? Which version of Stonehearth are you running?

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Im running alpha 5. tomorrow ill play till it does it again then ill take a screenshot and post to this posting.

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