Saving bug, autosaves automatically deleted

to start off: GREAT GAME, loving it.

I just have 1 problem (and I haven’t found it anywhere on the forums)
I’m currently playing the Alpha 15 v0.14.0 dev 2871.
Everytime i play for like an hour IRL (so about 4/5 days in-game) the game won’t save anymore.
I always have the autosave on (helped me alot) and i save every once in a while.
but after an hour or so of playing the autosaving stops and when I go and try to save the game manually it says “saving…” for a split second and its gone, it won’t save anything and the autosave is gone from the list too…

I don’t know if this is a known problem, but I always get into the game, get far and then i have to throw everything away again because i can’t save!

P.S.: I did look in the Stonehearth folder at the save files, but the autosave folder is empty (after it stopped saving) and the regular savegame does not look any different then when it did save…)

Welcome to the forum, @Jelamah :slight_smile:

Actually, this was reported long ago and there’s a lengthy discussion about it, but devs had always problems to reproduce the issue.

If you go to the savegame folders, do they have 4 files each? Is there any folder that is empty?

There was an old workaround for when the game is not saving if you want to try it: either delete all your saves (it’s probably that one of them is corrupt) or place them in another folder and try leaving only one of them in the folder, and see if it loads and saves again correctly.

But this might not have to do with this bug, since it happened to many people in the past. Seems that the save/load problems are returning. :sweat:

Thanks for reporting! Any tips for reproducing the bug would be great.

Paging @sdee, @yshan.

Hi @Relyss!

For some strange reason I have found a way to fix it.
I reinstalled windows 7 completely (thats how desperate I am to play the game xD) and now it works like a charm!
i can save whenever i want and the save remains there!

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What an extreme workaround :fearful:
I’ve seen some other report complaining that they have problems with saving, but we’d never tell to do that as workaround (at most, installing Service Pack 1 if they don’t have it, but that’s usually for crashes).

Glad to hear that you can play properly now anyway :sweat_smile:

If you ever run into this bug again, don’t hesitate to tell us :slight_smile:

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