Autosave "Problem"

Hi, I would like to start by saying that this game is amazing! But I’ve had a problem with the autosave feature. I have read some articles in this forum talking about the autosave not working and all, but they seem quite old (may 2016) and many updates have already been performed which probably changed many things. Anyway, I saved my file using the common save feature yesterday and it loaded fine. Then I turned on the autosave feature and kept playing the next day. I managed to go through 20 days ingame and the “Saving…” message poped up from time to time, me thinking that it was ok. Suddently, the game crashed out of nowhere (I was watching a dude run from some goblins and it crashed). My whole computer lagged due to that crash, and then the game closed. I was like “thank god the thing autosaves”. Surprise! It only loaded the last save 20 days earlier. I went to check the auto_save folder, and I notice that there were only three files in there. It was missing the metadata one. I was like “Oh well, let me substitute the files in auto_save folder along with the metadata one that was in the other save, and see if that works” The save looks absolutely fine, with the correct screenshot with the dude running. But to my demise, the save does not load, and returns to the main screen. Any suggestions?!

Can you upload the auto_save folder? It’s possible the devs might be able to rescue it.