Games not saving

I have to shut down the game lose all progress and load from latest save and have to do this repeatedly. Saving is kind of important!!

you can always turn on auto save. Also it warns u to save before shutting down game. If your closing program from windows side, the only thing u can do is auto save. Its in your options under save/load menu. check the box at bottom. I think it set for every 5 mins to save.

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@micheal_handy76_mh Regardless of using autosave as a workaround… If the save function isn’t working, that’s kind of a pretty major issue…

@dsleazy I’d suggest posting more specific details about the issue here. Including your computer specs and all that in case that may help someone realise what’s going on, perhaps a more detailed response as to what’s happening with the attempts to save, if you can.

As a few pointer ideas. Perhaps reinstalling might work.
If you’re through steam, it should install itself pretty well, but there can be hitches here and there now and again.

If you’re installing manually, it may have something to do with where you’re saving it, if your computer is blocking it from the folder where it files away the save files for whatever reason (I’m savvy with computers, but I’m not a computer tech, I can’t give confusing, detailed and longwinded answers about why’s or where’s with absolute certainty)


However, if you haven’t already tried it, uninstalling the game entirely, then reinstalling it all over again, might be your best bet for attempting to fix the situation. If that doesn’t work, then the computer whizz technicians may require more information about what’s going on to fix it, otherwise they’ll only be able to give generic responses and blind shot attempts at a solution which may take some time to hit the nail on the head.

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Auto Save and manual save and overwrite save will not work period. No saving at all. It was installed through steam. I’ve had the game several months now and this is the first save game issue I’ve had up to this point.

AMD Athalon II x4 640 Processor 3.00 GHz
8GB Ram
Windows 7 64 bit
AMD Radeon R9 200 Series

Hi @dsleazy
Can you please upload the save you are loading from?
Also, does a new game save? Is it just that one particular game where if you load it up, you cannot save afterwards?


It has done it from two saves now and it seems like the game created empty save folders

I have this issue also. I have played for about 6 hours today, both with and without autosave turned on, and with many different new games begun. If autosave is on, it “pretends” to save, showing the autosave popup, but never actually saving anything. I deleted about 25 empty folders, many having the exact same time. If autosave is off, I can attempt to manually save, and a quick “saving” will flash, but also does nothing. Eventually the game crashes for some reason or another, and when I reload there are no saves to choose from.

The only time I can successfully save is on the very first day of a new game, before I have really done anything. I am pretty sure it breaks after placing or creating a building of any kind. I can’t share a save, because it won’t actually make one.

I originally had debug tools installed, and several mods. I removed all of that, and then attempted a full remove / reinstall from Steam, running vanilla, and continue to have the same issue.

This is likely because an exception is happening while the game is saving and so it gets stuck and doesn’t actually save.
Can you please upload your save game that you load from where you cannot save again afterwards? I cannot diagnose the issue without the save.
Thank you!

So, on this last attempt of mine, I managed to go far longer through excessively careful saving, and lots of time wasting. Unfortunately, I did eventually run into the same issue. There are numerous oddities going on this time around as well. I zipped the save games folder, but there is only the one save in it, and everything else has become empty folders. Autosave had been working throughout the entire time, but it deleted itself when the game failed to save. I hope this helps.

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This has happened to me repeatedly. I thought it was because I was playing through wine at first. But I went ahead and played via steam and get the same results.

It doesn’t matter if I do a new game or load a save. After a few days the save functionality breaks. Usually this happens with “saving” quickly flashing on the screen. I can confirm that the most recent update I’ve received still has this glitch.

Is there any way someone can direct me to turning on log output? Since I consistently get this error I can send a log the second I notice it happening.

don’t you get the error mesage on your screen? you can copy it to you clibboard and then paste it on the forum in a topic

Not sure where I’d find it. The only way I can tell something is wrong is when “saving” quickly flashes.