[Con] Save Bug in latest build

In the latest build I can’t save my game manually and it says that it is auto-saving but if I attempt to load a game there are no save files.

Welcome to Alpha 9! No saving, all the time! I have this same problem on my 64bit AMD rig running the 32bit version of the game. Auto-saves like a champ all day on my Intel 64bit machine.

Looks like we’ll have to wait until Alpha 10 for these kinds of things to get sorted out.

This is a shot in the dark but have either of you tried to run the 64 bit version of the game on your 64 bit OS? I believe in the Alpha 9 or other recent video they did highly recommended using the appropriate bit for your OS/hardware. I have no idea if it’s what could be causing the problem but always worth a try until someone more knowledgeable chimes in.

The game defaults to 64bit mode on 64bit machines and it crashes on launch for a lot of us. Thus running the 32bit version on 64bit machines. It’s just a work-around, but stability of 32bit mode is way down on their priority list.

Actually I am running the 64 bit build. The game will pause about 3x saying its autosaving, but after a couple of days in game it altogether stops. When I try manually saving at that point nothing happens.

Seems this bug isn’t restricted to 32bit then…

Having the same issue as well. It saved once but did not want to save and I am now on day 7 with 4 buildings and now 10 people.


I turned off autosave and began saving manually and haven’t had any issues, however I didn’t spend as much time on this city.