[0.1.0] release 293 64x build. Saving not working

Anytime my game auto saves or manual saves it doesn’t work. This has only recently happened with the new update. Any time that I do save or it auto saves all menu functions don’t work and I have to alt-tab to exit the game. I hope this can be fix asap.


Have you tried deleting all the old saves?
Do you use the Humble Bundle version or the Steam version?

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I use the steam version of the game. All my old saves have been deleted, I’ve made some progress as I am able to save my game but only for the first couple of days. I’m not sure if it’s down to to much happening on screen but it just seems odd.

Also when the “saving” text comes up, all my citizens still do jobs but I’m not able to tell them to do anything or use any of the menu keys.

I’m having exactly the same problems. It’ll auto save and let me save perfectly fine for a while and then it keeps trying to auto save but doesn’t and won’t allow me to save either.

Also, I get the “Saving” text appear and my guys still run around carrying on but I’m unable to select anything. This however can be fixed by opening the save menu, it the disappears and allows you to continue.