[Con] Saves not saving afte auto save does its magic

i cant save my game sometimes when auto save does its magic and when auto save has not done its magic sometimes i sill cant save. i don’t know way.

i just created a new bug report, the game does save, the auto saves are just always on top of the normal saves,

no SOMETIMES when auto save does its magic it does not save, i even checked the top and no save. Then when i tried to save, i couldn’t.

so you can turn on auto-save and than it saves automatically but you can’t save manually.
but when you turn off auto-save you can save manually?

the auto save would be on top, you have to check the one under it… or did i just misunderstand you…

No when auto save is on It will say it is saving but it does not save. Then when that happens after it I can’t save the game manually.

There is no save that says auto save: and then the city’s name. So in other words no auto save ANYWHERE.

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Same issue with my game even running the 64 bit ver. Every time I start the game up there is no load game option,
and when it autosaves no save file appears on the list and it doesn’t let me save manually.

I have the same problem!