Alpha 8 AI Oddity

I have no idea if this has been mentioned nor what category it should be in.

I am curious to know if anyone has noticed if their AI has stopped working / bugged out some after accumulating a dozen or so save files since the 64 bit update came out yesterday. It might just be coincidence but last night my settlers stopped stockpiling and generally stopped doing their assigned crafting. Trying to fix this I restarted the game a few times but nothing helped. This morning I deleted 10 of my 14 saves to try and speed up saving and loading, once I did that I noticed that sudden my settlers were running around all doing their tasks instead of just idling. It might be due to the gaming having been off so long but it might also have to do with the saves being deleted and cleaning up space.

Generally, having lots of saves doesn’t help with performance. Though the main problem that it fixed for me was save-game bugs. Ironically, that was what the 64 bit release was meant to stamp out.

BTW, this should probably go in Active Bug Reports category.

agreed… and im certain we have a related report… no?

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I’m curious why more saves = bad. Shouldn’t the game only actually care about them when pulling up the save/load UI? And even then you just need basic info, e.g. thumbnail, timestamp, name, description.

Remember this is alpha, just because that is how it is supposed to work, doesn’t mean it does. Some things could accidentally be calling things they shouldn’t, maybe some thing don’t close properly so they are hiding in the background. If the saves are effecting anything outside their bubble, it’d be purely an accident.

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