[A17 Build-3002 BUG] Idle bug is back again!

Me people have to do things but all of them are idle! The Workers are all idle but i have jobs for that guys what they are not doing =(! I hope the bug get fixed is Build-3004!

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If you want people to help you with problems you should ellaborate some more on what exactly is the problem. Like via the bug report forum and by attaching screenshots and by giving specific info on what you were doing and what did not work.

Oh i dont wanna get you angry or something man, and i know that it is a alpha game and a Develepmont build for A17 but the only thing i say is that i hope that the bug is getting fixed.

I am not angry, sorry if I made you feel that way.
What I’m trying to tell you is that the devs can’t solve a bug they don’t know about. So simply saying that you have a bug is not enough for them to know what is going on. You need to give a little more information on what exactly you were doing and what went wrong. Then they know where to look and the problem will be solved faster

Ehmm okay im sorry for that :cry:, the only thing i can say is that they are everytime idle in my game, what need i to send more than?

hey there @Milan, could you perhaps provide your save file? assuming you’re playing on steam, to find the save go to this file path,

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games

if you don’t know which save is the newest one, you can check the screenshot inside the save folder, then zip the individual save’s folder (not the entire saved_games folder) and upload it directly to the discourse either by using the upload button , or by dragging and dropping the .zip file.

if the save is larger then 10mb you could upload it to a site like googledrive or dropbox and provide a download link.

Hey @8BitCrab, the thing is i dont wanna give the world to everyone so maybe if it is posible i can send it only to if it is not posible than im gonna give it to everyone it should only. But i hope i can send i private download! :slight_smile: