Various bugs I've found during Alpha 5

First of all is when Workers stop building stuff. That’s fairly common, but also notice how the workers are not even restocking the stockpile even though there are resources laying around

Then sometimes villagers will NOT occupy a bed, and instead resort to sleeping on the floor and complain even though there are more than plenty of beds available

And lastly, no buildings can be build on a different elevation. I had made a ladder and designed a house, but when i click “start buidling” nothing happens, though this might be a feature instead of a bug. I’m not really sure.

Other than that, I love this game so far! Good work on getting the alpha 5 out, I do hope my

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yup similar issues, here. ended up with a sun roof.

they just stoped building so i started the others insted.
And the bed issue is really anoying inded, when you have like 10 beds and only 2 are using them.

The game is really looking nice, but the AI is having some mayor issues.
Im getting spammed by AI errors as well. sometimes i get error windows ingame every 3 sec.

I just encountered a bug, thought id post it here.

(Alpha 5 - develop (1665)

Whilst placing picket fences one became caught on a tree and crashed the game. Once the game crashed i tried to ctrl/c to get the bug report from the new ‘Esc button bug report system’ and it wouldn’t let me copy the bug report. While i was trying to copy the ctrl/c part it crahsed. It also broke my save file so i need to start from scratch
(Stonehearth Assertion Failed:root_entry(…/…/…/source/simulation/simulation.cpp:1021).

Hope this helps somehow… if ive missed something, please someone let me know so i report it better next time.

One problem I find happening a lot is when a merchant comes around and asks for some sort of tool or fencing, the crafters won’t place tools (except swords) on a valid stockpiles so the item isn’t registered for trade, it sits on some random ground spot that won’t count, have to decline any offers of trade for these tools or fences.

You have to make an unspecialised stockpile (ie one that accepts everything) - the crafters will put the items in there then.