Encountered bugs in Alpha 11

Hey, I’ve been playing Stonehearth and it is a great game, but there are a few bugs here and there (some meaningful some just visual) which I encountered during the time I’ve spent playing the game.

1 Visual overlapping of items in the “storage area” which can be confusing but doesn’t inflict me in any way

2 Workers trap themselves during building demolition (my building was half way done and I decided I didn’t want it there so I told them to remove it, since the second floor was already being built the worker got trapped in the air after clearing the second floor tiles. The only way I could get him down was by building a stack of slabs underneath him. It may only be a pathing issue but i’m not sure

3 After I drew the first floor out in building creator the second floor started giving me issues during the drawing of it. It seems you can’t put a whole in the second floor floor and automatically build a four sided wall, you have to first put up the wall and then erase the floor so you wouldn’t have extra walls. However this is not the issue. The issue is that when you put up the walls after you have made a hole in the floor you bug out the game, you can no longer delete the walls, you can no longer remove the building drawing, you can’t even draw anything else or erase anything else. The only thing that helped in this situation was restarting the game and then going on to the file which i have saved 5 minutes before drawing the building (if you save the file whilst the building is drawn and bugged you can not get rid of it)

4 The workers seemed to bug out during random times in the game and start restocking the piles ( the storage area) and the problem with this is that 75% of my population went to the piles and started restocking them infinitely. Once this happens I can not make them stop (I’ve tried almost anything)

5 The workers seem to stop caring about objects on the ground after a while and some stuff just stays there for the remainder of the game never being picked up. This is a big issue because my people ran out of food whilst the food was farmed out in the basket in the field the farmers were working on.

6 And this bug I couldn’t reproduce but sometimes if my craftsmen don’t have the material in the stockpile to craft the first thing on their list they stop moving until someone gives them the needed materials but this occurred rarely and may be the fault of my overloaded system at the time (too many apps open)

Hey friend !
I read everything you wrote down in the context of building and debugging noted.
As someone who played the game since alpha 10.5 on steam, I would like to remind you that it takes time to improve the game.When alpha 12 came out on “last branch” i can tell you that they Have significantly improving many bugs.
There is “Idle” bug.Developers have promised to devote most of their time to fix the bug.
They will fix a serious bug probably only when Alpha 13 will come out.
Sometimes the bug affects only during the game as you accumulate more than 25 people in your village.
Depending of course on your computer.
All the items are more or less related bug “idle” and With a little patience, I also believe that developers will fix the bug.
You will see over time is going to be solved!
It’s going to be one of the best games that exist today!
Currently , just try to press F5 to refresh the game or re- load retention when you encounter serious problems.