A5 bugs - stockpiles, traders & tools

Hi all;

I’m reporting a couple of bugs I found, dunno if this is happening to anybody else as well.

  1. If a worker goes into a house during construction, they will get stuck inside said building until the construction is complete. I mean all scaffolding must be down before they will be able to exit. If you put thier beds in the new construction, they will sleep on the ground until construction is complete.

  2. If you create a building to use for storage, and place a stockpile in it; You cannot use the entire floorspace as the stockpile. What I’m saying is, you cannot completely go ‘wall-to-wall’. If you leave a one block space between the wall and the stockpile, then it will work.

  3. I know this is alpha, but I’ll also throw this in. My stonehearth just keeps shutting down while I’m playing. I’m not getting any error messages, it just shuts down to the desktop.

  4. If a spindle or other created tool is sitting on top of the crafter’s bench, you will not be able to promote a worker with that tool. You will be able to do it, if you move the crafting bench.

  5. Trader’s transactions are not working for me. They ask for 3 hoes or 5 fences or whatever, and I make them. When they come back, even though the pieces have been made, they tell me that the item hasn’t been made.

Thanks for all your hard work, guys. This game is really great!


I belive most of these have already been reported.

As for #3, If you havn’t already try to update your gfx drivers.

I’ve noticed #5 myself, but only when it came to tools, such as hoes / fences / gates etc etc, food and wood work fine.

Hi Kaz;

I updated my gfx drivers a few days ago, so I’m pretty sure it isn’t that.

It’s probably just alpha. I’m definitely not complaining, just trying to help make it better :slight_smile:

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