[Res] Negative/ Minus wood in stockpile

So i have currently 1 stockpile (not seeing the known bugs yet)
And after i cutted down some trees, the logs get added to the pile, working like a charm.
Then i order them to build a house (the default one) and they start building untill the counter in the top left shows -3 wood.

Steps to reproduce:
1)Make a stockpile
2)Cut a tree and have the workers put the logs in the stockpile
3)Try to build a simple room

Expected Results: They start building the house untill the stockpile is empty

Actual Results: They end up using 3 wood which wasnt there in the first place, resulting in -3 wood on the top left corner,

Notes: none.

Attachments: None

Versions and Mods: Alpha 1, no mods

System Information:
OS:Microsoft Win7 Ultimate (32bit)
CPU: AMD FX™-8350 Eight-Core Processor (8 CPUs), ~4.0GHz
Memory: 8192MB RAM (Using 4gb instead of the 8 due to 32bit)
Hard Drive: 300 GB
Video Card: AMD Radeon HD 7970 XT2
Motherboard: ASRock 990FX Extreme3


I also have this currently at a lovely -34 wood despite there still being visually wood blocks in the stockpile. the crafting guy and other villagers can still interact and move the wooden blocks they just don’t seem to be counted.

also confirmed I have the same

I also have -3 wood and all my workers are frozen

Same here, -3 wood. The workers stopped building, and I can’t get them to do anything else either.

I think this bug is because you try to build with resources you don’t have, and its only after the games taken the resources required to build the house from your resources does it realise you don’t have enough wood.

You lot may want to report it here

If people could post some screenshots, just because well, they look pretty, that’d be really appreciated.

Sometimes it can be easier to visualise these things.

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Hello freindly SH companions,

as the FPB is released to the hungry alpha testers we could encounter lots of strange hilarious and confusing events in this early build. One of them was the negative number counting our wood in the stockpiles. I identified one possible source for that error which can cause your stonehearthians to freeze later ingame right at the start of the game:

After you placed your fireplace you are asked to place your first stockpile. Conveniently you are given three pieces of wood by the developers at the start, but here arises the problem. If you place your stockpile and wait until they dropped their load into there before clicking on the last confirmation text (saying you are on your own from there on), you will have three wood in your stockpile not counted by the game and therefore resulting in negative numbers right from the start if you build the carpenter and don’t chop some trees first.

Really easy to reproduce:

  1. Start the game
  2. Place the fireplace and stockpile and wait to confirm the last OK until your fellows places their starting present into the stockpile.
  3. chop down a tree (little oak tree is advised as it consists only of four pieces of wood) and wait until the wood is brought into the stockpile. There should be now 7 wood in your stockpile but the game counts only 4.
    Voila: Wood in your stockpile not counted by the game.

Hope this helps teaching the game to count the actual numbers correctly.


Ps.: If someone somewhere sometime noted this first I’d like to apologize for the inconvience.

Thanks for the report, I’m sorry to say though that someone did beat you to it :frowning:

The help is much appreciated though!

Thanks for the appreciation and yeah, i knew of this report. My point was that i knew where these -3 wood came from but in my games thus far it occurred to me that i ended up having -6 or even less wood counted by the game. I think the problem arises of at least two sources:

  1. The game seems to use an equation for counting the wood harvested and used up starting at some point. In the case of the -3 wood its the starting present of three wood carried by your fellows. The three pieces of wood that are already in the stockpiles are not accounted for and can be lifted by your little fellows but then result in the negative numbers because they take wood from the stockpile as long the number is >=0. If the number drops in the negative digits the workers freeze. A workaround for this is to place the first stockpile quite a bit away from your starting dudes and quickly dispose of the dialogue window for the equation to start working.

  2. Also it seems to me that the game can’t handle more than one way of using up your wood: building houses/walls, the carpenter crafting and maybe the fireplace eating up your reserves. After crafting some beds a table and four chairs the stockpile had around 20 or so wood in there but the numbers in the top left corner were slightly in the negatives.

Hope this helps.


I also recognized that PLACING AN ITEM via menu: build -> place item -> pick item from menu -> place reduces the wood count by 1! Tried it several times - its reproducable.

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Lets see if this works… Always happens to me when I start building a house, likely because I do not have enough wood due to miscounting what is actually there. Eventually, all my workers just stand around holding the negative wood.

You can see both the negative count, but actual wood in my stockpile.

Thought I’d attempt a bit more investigation, and see if I could complete a simple house if I gathered enough wood. So straight from the beginning, I started a massive deforestation initiative (global warming hasn’t been coded into the features, I thought this would be fine).

As a quick note, I did notice that after the initial 3 units of “starter wood” was deposited in the stockpile, I only had 1 unit displaying in the upper left. However, once all the wood was gathered, I was showing 84 units (but if you count them all, you’ll see 85 total actually existing.

First up, I created my initial carpenter bench and wanted to see if there was any wood loss associated with creating items from there. Once placed, I added 3 beds to the queue, and let my carpenter go to work. With one wood being used for the carpenter bench, 3 wood per bed, and 1 wood being grabbed for the campfire, the display was showing the appropriate remaining 73 wood in my stockpile (even though there is still the extra block in the actual stockpile. The math: 84 - 1 - 9 (3x3) - 1 = 73

Next up, I started construction on a simple house. Construction seemed to be going well right up until some of the walls were being completed and the scaffolding was being taken down. Around this time, the workers started becoming a little confused, and would either continuously pick up and place wood in the stockpile, or just hold it until they got hungry. Construction came to a stand still…

I made a few more beds for good measure, just to see if I could get things going again. When most everyone was away, I took another snapshot of the stockpile. Whereas my stockpile only counts 38 wood available, the visual counts reveals 41 in the actual stockpile (with a few other wood scattered around my “town”). Somewhere during the construction of the house, it seems that the counts get thrown off further. I get the sense, though was not able to definitively see, that when the scaffolding is put up and taken down, that “partial wood” gets returned to the stockpile and begins throwing off the counts of what is actually there compared to what you can see visually.

At some point through their confusion, good ol’ Chopper Berall decided to pick up a wooden log and use it to relax against while sitting around the campfire. Clearly the smartest one out of the bunch…

…that was at least up until there were 6 beds built, and he still insisted on sleeping on the ground. (he woke up too quickly for the picture, but can still be noted in the lower right text on the screen)

Hope this helps!


I have generally encountered this when I do not complete the ‘let’s begin’ click before the first wood blocks are placed in the stockpile. This time, I had this bug and this was not the case., I was stuck at -8 wood for the entire game.

I hope they don’t plan on keeping this “Negative wood” mechanic in the game. I wonder if you manage to get to -100 wood, does a black hole open up?

I’ve been trying to find sources of the negative wood, in the process, I have come across ones posted above. Just now though, I came across a different one.

It appears that after an item is crafted and picked up from the crafter’s storage area, or the normal stockpile, that it also removes a wood count. I’ve been reproducing this with various crafted items. Each time I tell them to place the item, it removes a wood count as soon as they pick it up from the storage.

This pattern continues each time the item is picked up from a storage site. With a cycle from the Carpentry log, to the stockpile, then placing an item, I end up losing 2 wood in the process.

This has been reproducible consistently. Hope it helps!

[On a side note: Testing it directly, this seems to be purely visual. Even at 0 wood being counted, I can still craft items as long as that wood is physically available. I ended with a -10 wood count, and had 10 crafted items placed in the world.]


thanks for digging into this issue… :+1:

paging @sdee! :smiley:

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Thanks for helping me test this one, guys!

I’m afraid this has nothing to do with the # of wood. They simply cannot reach the top of the house using the current version of the pathfinder.

This is totally the beginning of the end (and the beginning of the problems for the stockpile counter.) After we stomp this bug out, stay tuned for rumors of Stowanoke Island, where all the settlers died of OCD.

Yes! There’s a bug somewhere in stockpile add/remove, which updates the counter. But whatever bug that is doesn’t actually destroy entities. So you can still use the wood.

Gah! I did not notice this. Thanks!

just capturing this for posterity purposes, as im sure it happens so infrequently… never know when we’ll need to open this up, and pour some lemon juice on it…

but yeah for progress! :smile:

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Agreed. I’ve never arrived at the point where all 4 walls have been completed, thus the whole roof issue is a moot point at the moment. My wall in-completion issues seem to be tied to the fact that my workers are building the scaffolding over points of the wall that have yet to be built. Once this occurs, they simply stop working on that portion of the wall - I’ve got some pictures over in Stonehearth Guru detailing this.

I havent had many issues with negative wood stockpiles anymore, but perhaps I’m a bit too aggressive in my chopping :smile:

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