Problems with Wood (Badum-tsh)

In all seriousness though, here’s an issue that I’ve come across now that I’ve poured a few hours into a few of my settlements:

When you issue a number of trees (I usually go for 5-10 at a time) to be chopped down, and issue commands to build a room or walls, the workers simply never go around to picking up the rest of the wood. This essentially becomes the case only after the buildings were done, along with the scaffolding having been taken down. There’s still a pile of wood that just won’t be delivered to the stockpile, even though there’s room and the workers are mainly idle.

Side note: some workers during construction of the walls seemed to have wandered to the area with wood from the stockpile, loop back, and head to continue building. The fact that they felt compelled to show to the rest of the undelivered wood a piece of wood that will be used, was odd.

thanks for the report @Delvon… sorry about your… … predicament… :wink:

and i know this might sound silly, but can you list some specific repro steps for the developers to follow?

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Yeah, I was planning on taking screenshots and proper steps, but work called and I couldn’t stay at home. I’ll try and reproduce it with some more detail later today, with pictures! Speaking of which, is there a designated screenshot button? I have a hard time with screen capping the usual way, as everything is just black when I kick things into paint or GIMP…

If you’re playing in Steam, I believe it’s F12. Steam has it’s own screenshot feature :smile:


Oh… I’ve been using Steam since almost it’s humble beginnings (it was terrible back then), and did not know this. Life made much easier in reporting issues to you guys! :smile:

It’s F5 I’m pretty sure. Not F12. And certainly not £12.

I certainly hope it’s not 12 pounds just to take a screenshot.

Hmmm…It’s F12 for TF2…I guess I assumed that was the default for steam.

Speaking of which, I play TF2…anyone who plays can add me! I usually only play 2Fort, Turbine and Doublecross…couple others like sawmill, but mainly the first three.

I have the default settings and F12 takes screenshots for me.

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It tells me it’s F5. And it works. And is your steam eatpolititions?

I’ve seen this problem too, surprised it’s not been reported all ready. I’ll see if I can get reproduction steps up tonight (it’s very easy to replicate).


Maybe you changed your default keyboard shortcut?

Who knows, anyway it’s not too difficult to change!

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oh, nice… didnt know we could configure this… grazie!

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It was in TF2, so maybe both work for TF2.