Bunch of bugs. Latest dev build on steam

I encountered a bunch of bugs.
Unfortunatly the screenshots didnt work correctly with steam. If needed i will try and make them again later but the wife wants to go to ikea for now d-;

Carpenter bug.
From time to time the carpenter refused to work his crafts. Even when there was plenty of stuff in his work list.
I had to demote him to worker and back to carpenter again. This gave a console error message. (i assume this has to do with him not bringing his saw back to the stockpile but it getting warped there.
He did continue working on the crafts after this.

While this happened i also encountered another bug.
Scrolling trough your assigned work on the carpenter didnt work.
There were no scroll arrows above or below the assigned work.
When i pressed close on the shop they did show up. And when pressing open again they stayed making it easy to scroll trough your assigned work.
When exiting and entering the workshop again the arrows were gone again and i had to repeat the process.

Removing items.
On different occasions my evil minions seem to get stuck removing an item. After a while i let go of the item. In this case a picket fence and it stayed ontop of the other picket fences. Removing them stopped at this point and i had to remove the designation to remove the fences and designate them again to be removed before work continued.

I crafted some nice stone walls to replace the picket fences.
While placing them some got removed immediatly by the same evil minion.
I havent been able to find out what caused it.
But it always were the same locations. After multiple tries they stopped removing the fence.

Can somebody allow me to post pictures )-:

Hey @Semmy, welcome aboard!

Thanks for keeping an eye out for these bugs, it really helps the team out. However, in the future could you create a new thread for each bug? That way the team can easily find it.

Regarding posting pictures, new members cannot post pictures until you’ve posted a bit. So look around the forum, see whats up, post a bit, and you should be able to post your pictures!
If you can post a link to your picture, one of the mods can embed it for you (if their really nice).

Paging @SteveAdamo for image embeding :smile:

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Than i hope steve hurries up…

I will kick his ass on steam d-;

Well as for the bugs i can atleast confirm that for me carpenters keep bugging.
They constantly stop working and i keep having to reset them.
Kinda makes the game hard to play d-;

Hey And Welcome!

By the sound of your fence issue it sounds like you where playing normal game and the goblin’s or evil minion was taking stuff, If that’s the case then that on it’s own isn’t a bug, It’s called raiding. However if you’re playing peaceful then that eliminates that as a possibility.

As for removing the fences, Did your citizens to remove each one of them? It’s a slow process but every fence would need to be clicked and removed :stuck_out_tongue:

Do you remember what the console error was or have a print screen? That would help the dev’s track the issue a lot easier. Also when you promote a Citizen to any rank they don’t return the required item, E.G You promoted a Citizen to Carpenter there for they won’t place the saw back into the stock pile.

Also as previously said a staff member will embed your images if you provide them with a link.

Hope this helped in some way :slight_smile:

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If i could show screenshots it would be clear.
The guy was really stuck


picture of stuck guy


how it looked after

and here the error code.


Thats the error that happens after demoting a carpenter back to worker.

Hope this helps (-:

Almost looks like he’s become one with the fence! But in all seriousness I’ve never seen that happen before, In Alpha 5 there was a glitch that would make fences unmovable if you placed them to close to each other. Nice capture of the error.

I’ll just quote all your pictures so they’ll show :stuck_out_tongue:
Anyway Mods and staff usually read all of this so they’ll be able to pick up on it. Right now the teams focused on the save errors I believe but they fix multiple bugs then realise a new version. Hope this helped In some way :smile:

Thanks man.

I already found some more bugs )-:

than again ive broken rimworld a thousand times over and over d-;

You can always make new threads for all the bugs you’ve found! A new thread for each bug is the easiest way for mods to keep track of everything, If you want to report the bugs you’ve found check they haven’t already been submitted if not you can use this template. Hope that helps! :wink:



Steps to reproduce:

Expected Results:

Actual Results:



Versions and Mods:

System Information

I know the template.

But im used to have mantis for it instead of a forum (-:

apologies… Sunday is my time for the kids! :smile:

images embedded… and yes, mantis is far and away a better platform for bug reporting…

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Makes it alot easier d-:

Well anyways i’ll just break the game some more.