Handful of Bugs Found in latest

Hello, here’s a handful of bugs I’ve found. I’m sure some are similar to other bugs already posted, and while I would love to check I’m not duplicating, I’m not quite sure how many threads I’d be willing to go through to make sure, these are just observations I’ve made of things that don’t seem to be working quite right.

Probably the worst bug I’ve found so far is ghosts that don’t disappear. They appear to happen only inside buildings, but I’m not quite sure, I believe it’s happened a few times outside of buildings, but mainly with workbenches. In this case, a ghost of an item you placed will remain after that item is moved, this is most noticeable with beds inside a building. If you place a bed down inside a building, then move the bed, the ghost of the bed remains and can’t be removed. This also happens sometimes with chairs and tables, though the critera for that happening seem to be different.

Roads can’t be built under stone fence gates. I didn’t attempt picket fence gates but I assume it’s the same. You can build gates on top of roads after the road has been built, but if you do this, villagers won’t path through that gate, and can’t get to the other side if the road under the gate leads somewhere enclosed.

Scaffolding still sometimes doesn’t come down, this can be fixed by a save and a load still.

Windows like to refuse to be built. I’m not sure why, but I noticed that if you place a window right under a roof, the window won’t be constructed, there seems to be other ways that a window won’t be built.

My farmer stopped working in the fields, I didn’t catch why, but I think it had something to do with red alert on and off. This was fixed by a save and load.

Weavers don’t place the items they make in stockpiles, and it seems that nobody ever feels like sorting them into piles either. This is most noticeable with thread and bolts of cloth.

Lastly, workers seem to randomly drop items halfway up ladders. The item then becomes unreachable. This can be fixed by removing the ladder, if possible.


do you have certain stockpiles for certain things? if you edit a stockpile it wont accept certain items.

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Mhm. I have double checked to make sure that they accept the items, but it just seems that nobody wants to move them.

well certain items for some reason, (such as fences, fence gates, fur rugs, and much more,) are not recognized as whatever item they actually are. thus they will only be put on unedited stockpiles.

Remake the stockpile, if it has EVER been edited you will have that problem.

They already state some of weavers items are not tagged for placement in stockpile. to resolve this for now, just place the workshop, then build a stockpile around it, their random dropping in the stockpile makes them usable. till the devs tag the items.

Some of the tags should have been fixed in the latest pre Alpha 7 release as I and a few others brought them up in the stream. It is possible some other items might have wrong tags and might be worth mentioning.

In this case, a ghost of an item you placed will remain after that item is moved, this is most noticeable with beds inside a building.

You can solve this by going to the building menu > design custom building and then select the eraser. Select all ‘ghost objects’ with it, and place new items.
Took me a while to figure this out, but that’s the way it’s done :smiley:


ah okay sounds good, didn’t know this as i am still playing alpha 6

nice workaround… thanks! :+1: