Bug Report's 335 x64

Just a few small bugs I’ve noticed with the new build.

First one is ladders are being left behind quite often the main one that I can’t find a work around for is when placing wall mounted objects they don’t remove the ladder afterwards about 80% of the time cant find the trigger for it.

The second one is also to do with ladders. If you remove the floor under a ladder you can no longer remove that ladder. I tried building a ladder up to the one where the floor had been taken out but still won’t let me remove it. Id like to see in future builds a fix that will merge two ladders as a single entity if they line up vertically. I believe that should fix it if they merge ladders count as a new entity it should refresh the pathfinder and allow them to find a path to remove it.

Third was not a bug but a feature that would be nice to have. when ladders are in water id like the heartlings to remove the ladder from above because when I work on things like extending a lake or building a moat I have to build ladders into the lake or moat to get the workers out afterwards but then I have no way of getting rid of the ladder that won’t leave someone stuck swimming.

Having ladders in the lake promotes new problems such as zombies spawning in the lake and using the ladder to get into my city.

Side note the building editor is coming along really well I still have trouble with a few things (ie missplaced windows and doors or having to build ladders for difficult roofs or multistory buildings) but there is work arounds for them also I like that you rebalanced goblins and when they spawn you could bump it up a little bit as far as the number of fighters that spawn both with the zombies and goblins. I was thinking maybe scale it up over time or by number of heartlings.

I really enjoy your game and there are a lot of features that I can’t wait for you to include I wish I could take to the developers directly I would really enjoy talking about idea’s and where the game is heading

You guys are awesome! I can tell you are really devoted to it I see it in the game and with how often there are updates.

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Did you accidentally post your topic too early? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

Yea… I never used a forum where its all pushed to the bottom. For some reason I thought that was still the brief description but once I found out I was wrong went back and edited it.

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