A few building bugs and a crafting bug

Hello all, great game, just reporting a few bugs I’ve encountered, sorry if these have already been reported, I didn’t seem em. Sometimes, workers will leave objects like wood on top of the roof after they get done building. It isn’t really a problem, but it doesn’t look all that great. Another thing with building is that the hearthlings will disappear when they get up to the roof. I can still see the blocks of the roof being placed, but not who is placing them. I tried to build a tower with 4 floors and the hearthlings would vanish if they went upstairs. After the hearthlings were building the 3rd floor walls they started freezing. I noticed lua would spike up to 98% whenever one of them would place a block and the hearthlings would freeze for a bit. Note that the game itself didn’t freeze as I could still navigate all menus perfectly.

For some reason, my blacksmith just quit. She won’t make anything. I tried to get her to make a shield and triple checked that I had the resources, but three days later and she still didn’t seem at all interested in doing her job. I also tried saving / reloading but it didn’t help. After about 8 hours of gameplay on one save, things started getting a bit unstable for some reason. I began getting errors more and more often, though I failed to screenshot them, nor do I really know what they were about :frowning:

Let me know if I can provide any specific screenshots, logs, or my save file. Thanks!

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For the wood left on the roof, have a ladder built up to the roof. Next go to the Loot command, which appears as gold coins when shown, and click and drag across the top layer of the roof, or whichever layer the items are on, and if gold coin markers appear above the items, then the hearthlings will loot them once the ladder is built.


Sure thing. I’m on an Asus laptop running 64bit windows 10, Intel core I7, 16GB of RAM, Nvidia GTX 765m with 2GB RAM. Did I forget anything? oh and I tried canceling the order and re-adding it for the blacksmith, still no luck.
Thanks, Dracorexion for the tip!


Yep, my laptop’s been wanting to update for nearly a week now.

Well, maybe they got their dates wrong. Idk, I’m apprehensive of updating anyways. I may update after reading some reviews.


Oops sorry, I means Windows 8. I’ve been on the phone with support about Windows 10 all morning lol, sorry about that.

No, I wasn’t running full screen.


Well, I’ve seen a lot of people saying that whenever you attempt to build more than 2 stories, the LUA spikes no matter what, so unless this has been fixed, I’d tell you to just avoid buildings 3 or more stories high.


I have exact the same problem full screen or not. These lua lagg 90%-100% appears while building multistory buildings.

Indeed! That is what we should do :blush:! Problem solved for now!