Building Bug(?)

So I made my hearthlings start building a shared sleeping quarters. About halfway through building it, they lost interest. They just stopped building it. The only thing I did was order mining. I even stopped the mining to see if they would build, but they didn’t. Also, I’ve got a giant pile of iron ore that I can’t get them to pick up. I actually see the logic of how they collect things, closest to farthest, but that iron is important so I can make steel. Is there a way to get them to pick it up?

first off, try sounding red alert, and then turn it back off promptly, this might “kick” them out of there “dead brain”

try the loot command.

I’ve sounded the alarm many times since then and they won’t do anything. The loot button doesn’t appear when I click on the ore. It only appears on mob drops. Is there a loot button somewhere I haven’t found it?

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under the “military” tab there should be a loot command, it “stretches” out like a zone.

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Did you have enough materials? Like wood and stone?
(I know it’s a silly question, but when people don’t mention it in the report, it’s worth checking)… :sweat:

Maybe they can’t access the next thing to build. If you build ladders to the next thing that they have to build, they could reach it. It happens sometimes with certain building shapes or combinations of building parts.

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Alright I’ll try that. Thanks!

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Ohhhhhh… feel dumb now. Thanks for the info.

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ah dont, we were all new to the game at one point :wink:

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Thanks for the info.
[/quote]no problemo, im just here to help :smile: