Hearthlings and buidlings

I have bought the game yesterday and played it since, absolutely love it! I know that its in alpha so i want to raise awareness about some bugs i encountered:

  • The buildings not being fully removed(built or in design mode) leaving their remains untouchable or just cannot build on the same location.
  • The soldiers occasionally wonder off charge on their own and the group move and defend key does not affect them and have to move them one by one manually.
  • Miners does not mine in some location
  • Hearthlings ignores loot items even though idle

Following errors found

I hope i’m on the right thread and the right place to post these kind of queries! Thank you :smiley:

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Welcome to the forum!

The loot problem may not be a bug. If you go to the harvest/mining tab you’ll find the button with coins on it. Click it and drag over loot to order your hearthlings to take it. Youbcan also manually click and press the loot button on these items.

You can even go to the options menu to auto loot items as soon as it appears