Looting and Tree Placing

hey there @Zac_Milliken, welcome to the discourse :smile:

could you perhaps provide some more details as to what exactly this report is about?

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perhaps he mean that asus loot all his programms? such a clean desktop :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, got the wrong screen shot. The looting issue seems to have resolved itself, my villagers however will not finish one of my buildings despite its resources being met. The tree planting issue seems to have been an issue of my farmer being busy?

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No worries!

For the building your Hearthlings will not complete, would you mind uploading the template? Please upload it to this thread (instructions at the link):

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Couldent upload due to the new user thing

Sorry about that! Give it another try, I just bumped up your TL so you should be good now!

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