A Build Bug after some time

Suddenly, the heartlings do not continue to build.
Resources are there but they only build a little bit if I reload the game.

continue playing is very exhausting.
Each construction section will be put off work

Thanks for reporting! Do you have a save? Chris is currently looking at building bugs, so saves would be super useful.

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In 9-10 hours i am home from work then i upload it.

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I have two Savegames ziped in one File. In both Saves are the Problem.


There seems to be a couple areas far away that require dirt, perhaps from enemy camps?
The hearthlings seem stuck trying to find dirt resource. If you pause those two areas (they appear in red if you open the building editor) they should resume building that house.

We’ll keep investigating. Perhaps the priority of the AI is wrong or gets stuck over time (restoring camps vs actual building, since both are considered building tasks).

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I did not think about that anymore.
These were two goblin camps that they were to shovel again.

I Spwand Terrain Dirtpile and shows

ok, they work again.
The mistake is to refill the earth from two camps at the same time.
The earth was empty at some point whatsoever and then nothing went on.

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@relyss would it be an idea to just naturally auto-fix those goblin zones if the player hasn’t after some time?

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This sounds nice.

New Error!

if I forgive a new construction order always comes this error message.

Only when I save and reload do they start to work.

release-893 (x64)[M]

co-routine failed: No matching overload found, candidates: bool are_strictly_connected(lua_State*,Point3 const&,Region3 const&,int) bool are_strictly_connected(lua_State*,Point3 const&,Point3 const&,int)

stack traceback: [C]: in function ‘are_strictly_connected’ …ing2/plan/jobs/blueprints_to_building_pieces_job.lua:343: in function ‘fn’ radiant/controllers/persistent_job.lua:86: in function <radiant/controllers/persistent_job.lua:78> (tail call): ? …ing2/plan/jobs/blueprints_to_building_pieces_job.lua:302: in function ‘find_root_point’ …ing2/plan/jobs/blueprints_to_building_pieces_job.lua:160: in function ‘run’ stonehearth/lib/persistent_job_sequence.lua:39: in function ‘run’ radiant/controllers/persistent_job.lua:49: in function <radiant/controllers/persistent_job.lua:47> (tail call): ?

The Save:


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Adding Chris, who is looking at various building bugs: @not_owen_wilson