Workers unable to complete building construction

I still have this problem in the latest build [472] alpha 12, I reset the AI (shift+F5 with the debug keys enabled) but it did not resurrect my hearthlings brains to finish my building ;(
good thing though they still eat

and here is the world file:

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Hey there @Yosmo78, sorry to see that your build has gotten stuck. I moved this to its own thread as the thread you originally posted in stated that workers did nothing, but in your save they seem to harvest, haul, and build other buildings just fine, they simply will not complete that building.

oh oops didn’t notice that thanks for the quick fix :smiley:

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No problem. Unfortunately I have no idea why they are refusing to build. Going to page @Ponder to see if he has any ideas on what might be going on.

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Hey there @csc106, just promoted you to level one, so you should be able to post more than one image now. Can you upload a copy of the save where you created all the test buildings? The devs would likely love to take a look at it in their debugger.

To upload a save (as it is likely too large to upload directly), please save it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox or Google Drive and post the link here.

Thanks, going to page @Ponder and @Albert to come take a look at your save…

well I think might be the problem was the building was being built like usual, then I forgot to add something, so I paused it then edited the building then resumed work, they finished the first story then completely stopped so this may be the issue but I don’t know.