Workers just stopped building

had a fairly large building with 9 workers building, with carpenter. Uploaded the save file, for some reason they just stopped building. (6.0 MB)

Thanks for the save file!
I will ask our building expert about this.

Hi! Looks like one of your walls has scaffolding embedded in that little mosaic floor. This makes it impossible for hearthlings to tear down that scaffolding (because the scaffolding is inaccessible). In the future we’ll be smarter about ensuring that you don’t accidentally build on top of scaffolding, but in the meantime, it’s best that if you directly adjacent buildings like that, you wait for one to complete before starting the other.

Thanks for the report!


went in and “destroy” the mosaic floor, once gone they got up and started working again.


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Hello! I’m experiencing almost the same problem here. My hearthlings just stopped working on my building when it goes out of wood. But now that I have enough, they just don’t want to work on that build again. Actually, I tried to place a fence and a bench, and they don’t do it. Can you guys help me please!? Thank you :slight_smile:

Save file: (6.2 MB)