[A8-2176 64bits] bugs

Thanks for the new build, no lua error so far and no save bug for me.
Some bugs I have encountered:

  • If I create a new custom building design, the picture of the house is not saved and the green square where the photo is supposed to be in the list of building templates is blank.
  • If i put a “food only” zone inside a house, it works at first but after some time, for no particular reason, the zone is not recognized anymore as a stocking area for food. The earthlings get hungry and don’t go fetch the food inside the zone and the vegetables baskets stay in the fields.
  • My hearthlings have built the preset Dining Hall, but they refused to put the 4 tables inside and never go inside to eat though the chairs are there. They prefer to eat on the ground. Maybe the problem is that at first I ordered crafting the wrong type of table before building the house. When I realised my mistake, I ordered crafting the 4 dining tables but they refused to put them inside as planned.
  • Sometimes when I get a new earthling, they pop a great distance from the village’s flag and stand there doing nothing. I managed to unblock one of them by giving him a “collect wild silkweed” order nearby.


I get an error message when my carpenter finishes something he makes and puts it into the stockpile

I’d upload a screenshot, but these forums won’t let me.

edit: hosted image as suggested below: http://s28.postimg.org/ybj5rkq0d/bug_1.png

you can upload it on some hoster and set the link here (later you can attach themself)

@SteveAdamo will attach it then

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  • When putting on the Full Plate, the hearthlings’ heads disappear, leaving a floating helmet in it’s place.
  • If goblins do not have a spawn area with pathing to a stockpile, they will just build up standing around. I found this out the fun way when I gave them a path and 20 goblins bum rushed my village.
    -Sometimes hearthlings just forget to place objects. One building they built ladders to place windows and lanterns, but then would never place them. Subsequent buildings had the same issue, but after a crash and reload, new buildings did not have the issue, but the old buildings never resolved. I had about a dozen ladders sitting around.
    -Crash likelihood increases exponentially with the amount of tasks given. 15 hearthlings, 4 of which are workers, have 2 15x15 stock piles, make new stockpiles where I want these items moved to, remove both old stockpiles. Crash every time. Remove one stockpile, harddrive will chug, the game will stop for a moment, and they will do the job. Remove the second stockpile after first is empty, will complete the job successfully.

It seems like the AI for tasks might have a hard limit and if surpassed bucks the kickit. Would also explain a lot of the building and stockpiling anomalies as well. Everything works flawlessly at first. Buildings, mining, gathering. but the moment you start to do it on any large scale, game poops the bed.

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If I want to create a building on a building , then this works only up to the roof. If I want to build the roof , display the following errors. In the previous version it works without any Problem.

known issue - if you set the walls manualy it doesnt work - you must set the floor then autoadd walls and then you can set extrawalls from pillar to pillar ^^ and are you trying to add a house on a house;)

Sorry, but thats the way i do it. After autoadd i want to set the Roof but the same error Pops up. Perhaps, the Picture was made few seconds after that. :confused:

Multiple story buildings aren’t supported yet. They are on the roadmap though.

Not sure I’d class this as a bug though. Is it a bug that I can’t use my car as a helicopter? :confused:


You’re right, I 'm a fool. Tested again and anything works fine. I’m sorry. BTW i think it is a Feature if you can. :wink:

yes more levels will be a feature later xD and little tip: dont make a complete slabroof (one slab less) and you can set the ladder inhouse ^^

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