Dining hall furniture bug and several others

Hello everybody. I just bought the game last night, though I’ve been wanting to purchase it for a very long time. Anyhow, I hope I’m doing this right.

While I love the game so far, I have found a few bugs. The first one I want to mention is the only one I have concrete evidence of. Every time I build a dining hall, in multiple games, I get a code error that pops up. My workers will continue building, completing it up until the last few pieces of furniture. Everything but two or three chairs and a table or two will go up. Saving the game and reopening it, moving the built furniture in my stockpile around, and even building new furniture does nothing. I have images of the error code, but being a new user I can’t post them here.

Next, and I’m not sure if this is a bug or just my computer, but every time I hit about ten villagers and four or five houses I start having problems with the AI cutting out. It’ll start with one villager just standing around or carrying one object back and forth from place to place, disregarding hunger, sleep, and attacks. Saving and reloading will fix this character but another one will fall to a similar fate. Eventually one character will turn in to two, and it just grows from there.

While the AI is falling off, resources and objects will begin getting stuck in odd places, such as floating in the air over the carpenter’s bench, which will prevent any new work from being done there. At this point I will not be able to move the bench or the floating object. Other times these objects will get stuck on fences, roofs, or walls.

Just to hopefully rule out my computer being the problem (though it very well could be), these are my system specs:

8 core FX8350 Black Edition CPU
Radeon HD 6870 GPU

My GPU is definitely the weakest part, but the game doesn’t slow down or drop frame rate at all. It just gets very glitchy.

Well, hopefully These are something new and I’m not just missing something. Regardless, the game is fun, keep up the good work!