[build 134] Placing furniture on other furniture. aka the dining stand bug

Bug: Can place furniture on other furniture.

when placing some objects you can create a bug where it will be placed upon another object

Steps to reproduce:
Specifically using dining table and chair
1.Place table
2.Before table is placed by villeger place chair so that it looks pushed up to the table.
3.Watch villager become confused and place it on table instead.

Expected Results:
chair will be placed next to table

Actual Results:
chair has been placed on table defying the laws of physics


just your average table

hopefully the villigers will remember to push it back in when there done

our outdoor dining area is almost ready

oh no, everything is ruined
and there is the culprate leaving the scene of the crime D:


Yep. We just finished the tech to fix this. We’ll be sweeping through the models to update their collision shapes so this doesn’t happen.


and there go my dreams of a tower of chairs to the moon