Dinning Table Bug

I have a row of dinning tables, all the tables but the end has chairs placed under/with a table. The end table’s chair wont place, and one of the dining tables is now smaller and looks stuck between 2 chairs.


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Could you upload a screenshot of the problem somewhere (imgur, Steam gallery, etc) and paste the link here?

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It won’t let me as I just made my acount. I believe someone else has already posted about this problem though

if you are able, just upload an image to imgur.com, and provide the URL here… we can embed the image for you…

thanks! :+1:

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is the “smaller table” actually just the stockpile version? and is this the same as this bug,

(i know there is a different/better thread for it, but i could only find that one.)


It was just an un picked up table. I was remaking it and then it got picked up when the chairs were gone.

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