Item placement funny bug!


Hello everyone, i’ve met with a funny “hitbox” bug :smiley:


As you can see on the image, my worker got a little problem to put the table xD

He is actualy “stucked”, tryng to moove to put the table but he simply… can’t :smiley: So that’s gonna be one minute now i watch this guy doing this xD

I’m sad because i haven’t got some video recorder, i would show you :o

Way to reproduce:

Just craft 4 chair, put them around the future table (not placed already), order worker to put the table, watch him getting stucked infinitely :smiley:

This isn’t a gamebreaking bug at all because you just have to undeploy one of the chair !

Just reporting him so the chair hitbox can get fixed :smiley:
Have a good day <3

Doesn’t he walk ON the chair ? My HL use to sit on the chairs from the back by passing through :sunglasses:

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This is happening with clay tables and chairs for me too, and only with two chairs opposite eachother. It was right next to some clay pots though, which may have been the issue.

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Thanks for reporting this – we’ve seen this issue here at Radiant HQ.
Working on a fix.


Can anyone confirm if this was fixed by build 491?