Hearthlings spazzing out when placing furniture

I started a new game today; the first since last update. First building I placed was a Dining Hall (from Building Templates). My hearthlings completed the exterior walls and roof then proceeded to place tables and chairs. All chairs were placed successfully but one of the hearthlings began to ‘spaz’ out when placing the last table and, as it was my farmer I made him drop the table by ‘demoting’ him to a worker. However, thios just led to another hearthling picking up the table and trying to deploy it; this led to that hearthling ‘spazzing’ out as well.

Release Version 489 (x64)

Hey there @Tyrone_Kelly, welcome to the Discourse and thanks for the report!

I feel like this was reported before, but I am on my phone right now - @moderators need a merge…

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Apologies if this was posted before. I am new to Discourse and didn’t want to look for the (presumably) hundreds of posts.

hmm, were you thinking of this thread? its an issue with furniture placement, but I didn’t see any references to “spazzing” … :slightly_smiling:


No worries, and no need to apologize. That’s what us mods are here for.

If you want to look through “recent” reports before posting, the Bug Reports Category is a great place to start. There, you can also filter by “tags” to narrow the results even further. :smiley:

Nope, not that one…one sec.

How about this

hm, looks like a similar post, but my hearthlings are actually going to place the item but seem to get caught on something and spaz out. Tried removing surrounding items but the issue just transferred when trying to put everything back to normal.

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We’re aware of this issue and have already made a fix. It will be included in the next release.