A few bugs release 34

Disclaimer: if these bugs are already posted i will feel very ashamed for not doing my research on the forum :stuck_out_tongue:

  • Beds before placing have no collision-box. Because of this you can place beds partially into walls

  • When the carpenter takes a item he made to his designated stockpile, a other worker picks it up an brings it to the "normal"stockpile. With multiple stockpiles you don’t know where your crafted items will be stored.

  • Relocating the fire pit when its lit also causes a minor error

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I have noticed that if you use the little red check to get rid of a stockpile while someone if heading towards it, it will kick out a few errors but doesn’t crash the program or anything…

this one is working as intended, but you make a good point about control over where items are eventually stockpiled…

For the furniture you just have to specialize a stockpile. You click on it and you select the objects you want in the stockpile. For me, there is no problem.

right, but I think the issue is when you might have more than one specialized stockpile, of the same type… :wink:

I don’t see that as a bug but as an efficiency issue of your own doing. Since in most cases, it should go to the closest stockpile. Nearest has higher priority.

If you give them 10 stockpiles equally close to reach other… That’s kinda your fault. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I don’t believe a placement collision system has been implemented. They do have what is called collision_region_shape in the the furniture code, but that just stops your civs from walking though them.
So might not be a bug per se.

couldnt agree more… just pointing out a scenario for clarification…