[Con] Multiple placements when item is still in stockpile


If you make an item ( like a bed ) and its in your stock pile
you can continuesly click and place the item ( the clones seem to remain if the builder places the last one on the last one you placed ) don’t know if they will vanish if more become available since they are all stuck with the stuck bug

is would be help full if you select a item that is already ‘placed’ that it would be faded in the stockpile or the placement blinks or something.

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It doesn’t clone the item, the outlines of the item get drawn and stuck. It’s more a graphic bug.

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same happens with you try to replace another item like the fire pit
you can clone it. again I don’t know if it will be duped since my settlers are stuck and not doing anything.

I have also noticed that occasionally if you place the too many item the same places too many times the workers will try to build them then pick them up again. This happens more often when you place another item in the place where you have the first item planned to go.

-plan placement 1 of item 1,
-after worker has placed item 1 plan placement 2 of item 2,
-while worker is moving item 2 and before it has been placed move item one to placement 2
-change plan of item 2 to placement 3
-before item 2 is placed move item 1 to placement 1 again
-before item 2 is placed change plan of item 2 to placement 2 again

You now have ghost images of items that are not there as well as one of the items not being put down properly. The more items in this shuffle the worse it gets.

this isnt the same as the “ghost image” issue, is it?

It is a part of it, though I noticed some of the time they can end up with other things going wrong.

new alpha still, ghost images / placing bugs.

can confirm… had this happen with bed blueprints…

This is still in, and also happens when an item was already placed and you move it. I attempted this with an aforementioned floating table. Well, not on purpose, but I placed it within a third table at first; If you look closely at the below attached screenshot, you’ll see both my original and corrected placement outline (the original now also hovers above the table to our left).

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thanks for the follow up @Phagocytosis:+1:

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Hi been playing on my world for a while and found some of the items in my stockpiles.
I’m not sure if this is ment to be part of the game or not or if it is just a bug.

I see that when my citizens decide to place two of the same item on one spot. it happens sometimes. I am sorta certain that this is just an AI problem.

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ive noticed that this happens with trees and flowers that spawn too close together as well, (the parts that merge together get all bright and stuff too, is what i mean) so im not sure it can really be an ai problem… hmm. i think it might just be a little graphical error, maybe

this is actually a very old bug (searching for one of the original reports to merge)…

which version of the game are you running?

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1.88 here. It also happens in alpha 6

I have had it since the very first alpha. You will also notices it happens everytime a crafter puts two of the same item on his work bench.

I think this is the most recent (and most similar) report…

Hi guys,

I found a bug while playing Stoneheart Alpha 10 (alpha_10_5-10).
Some slots in the stockpile seem to be used multiple times.
I noticed an Oak Log and a Hunk’o Stone sitting in the same slot.
Can be seen here: http://slaimenos.de/Bug.png


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Yeah, it has happened to me too.

Also bear in mind if you stack multiple items on one same “square position” ( for instance when buying hundreds of items from merchants ) if you have a stockpile beneath the flag you may get 4 or 5 logs per square when you are actually using 1.

The stockpile will report 4 or 5 spaces being used instead of the correct 1.

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Welcome to the forum, @SlaimEnos :smile:

I moved your post here. As you can see, this bug dates from the first Alphas, it’s a classic one. Devs partially fixed it, so it’s not as common as in the old days but it still happens.

Thanks for reporting