[r393] Bug: Object bounding boxes do not rotate with the object

As the topic says. If you’re not sure what I mean, this image should demonstrate it. These two beds are in the same location, but despite one being rotated, its bounds are identical; attempting to move the top bed such that its model is against a wall to the upper-right fails one block short, and moving it as close as possible against a wall to the upper-left allows the model to intersect.

This behaviour is identical on other beds, dressers, fences (both wood and cobblestone) and gates - any non-square objects. As far as I remember this bug has existed since I first tried the game, I just kind of expected it to have been already reported and fixed, but it persists to this day and I can’t be sure if it’s been noticed.


Ah, I experimented a bit and I think I see the root of the problem.

Once an item is placed, it’s bounding box updates. When you are in placement mode, you can rotate the ghost image of the object, but the bounding box against which viable placements are tested is still the orientation of the original object.

In a related issue, if you set positions for two objects before the hearthlings actually place them, you can make them overlap (especially easy if you pause the game). The items are actually placed overlapped. The “ghost” of a planned object has no bounding box at all.

I suppose that explains why sometimes I can make beds and fences clip into walls or other placed items. I’m surprised a bug like this hasn’t been reported, as I can’t seem to find any thread about it.

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I think most people are just trying to get a neat building working and if the game doesn’t crash or spit out errors they just ignore it. I wouldn’t have guessed that the bounding box wasn’t re-orienting without @clockler saying so. It was just some wierdness to get past to make a build work.

Well at least now its being brought into the light. It would’ve been dreadful if this bug continued to be overlooked until the game’s final release.

This is mostly noticeable when modding. If nobody reported yet, probably it doesn’t bother them that much.

But yeah, it has to be addressed at some point, we can’t force items to be symmetric, if we can rotate them 4 times. I hope it is fixed when they fix the size of the collision boxes for items that are not 1:1 in scale.

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Thanks guys. I’ve fixed this for Alpha 11.