New here with some bug reports?

New here so forgive me if this is in the wrong section

I’m running into a few game breaking bugs,

Twitch (I recorded it so people could see what i’m talking about)

but basically what happens is anytime I start a house build, the folks decide to pick up box and drop box, rinse and repeat, then they start refusing to pick up berry and everything else.

Can you also rotate the houses so the doors face toward the camer and stuff?

hi @spiritwolfie, welcome aboard! :smile:

feel free to peruse the bug reports section here, and particularly the “how-to” portion here… as for the issue you’re experiencing, its fairly common, and has been reported… but thanks for the feedback, and keep cracking away at the alpha! :+1:

Thanks for the fast response I was looking around and stuff trying to figure out the forum setup, its not what I’m use to and is very difficult to navigate

my pleasure! forgot to mention, as with placing other objects in SH, you can rotate the blueprint for a simple room via the right-click

fear not, give it a few minutes and the site will become much more intuitive… i know i was hesitant at first, but now much prefer the discourse to any other forums i frequent…