Problems when building your own House

Below are screen shots of issues i have found in game, when trying to build my own building and going up to a 2nd floor. it also got to the stage it wouldnt let me Delete the house i built as the villagers wouldnt build the house.

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Welcome there ! :smile:
Building bugs are well known and the team is working on it :wink:
If I can give you a tip : use the basic templates (houses) and don’t try to build your own house. Some players did build their own houses but that’s rare. If you really need a house, use the basics.
Or use the debug tools and I’ll call @jomaxro for this.

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yeah i did manage to get the house to work on a reload. i know there is bugs on that :slight_smile: which is why i posted the bugs on pics so u guys could see them,. Not a complaint more just trying to help u guys make this a great game

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Building your own houses is rare? It’s the major draw of the game so far, and it used to be the meat of the Discourse. Not so much now, though, because so much seems to be broken in recent updates.

Noooooo, I mean building your own house without any bug/debug tool is rare :grin:

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Depends on what you are building. Raiya’s Children housing is probably more simple to build over how complex the ascendancy would be. I’d say mid-rare. Not quite rare, but close enough to beg the question.

I actually have built many in the 2nd faction with ease. The one thing I have noticed is it does not like porches or awnings with pillar support. Had a couple that I had to ib them, since they seem to look at the porch and say, “You have got to be kidding, you want me to build that.”

Stairs would be the problem mainly on the inside of the house, but with raiya’s children I tend to go with the style and do on the outside, and sometimes separate from the house itself to ease the hearthlings brains a bit.

Simple buildings work, complex… not so much just yet. Of course it is tricky to figure which is which. Took me a 2 houses to figure it was the porch that was stopping them from even starting. Although I do agree that at the moment there are quite a few problems in and around the building part of the game. So for now keeping it simple is best. :slight_smile:

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