Custom Building Problems

Lots of issues trying to make my own design. Awful system, won’t play again for a while.

V23 Alpha

Trying to make a 2 story house with overhanging top floor.

1 First forgot the beds downstairs and had placed 1st floor, so had to delete and start again - I’ve now disabled the Auto Save so the Undo works - ridiculous

2 Then made 2nd floor overhang and walls, but then discovered door needs 1 block of wall either side, tried to delete the walls - you can’t !

3 Then placed the roof and it looked awful, and the undo or delete didn’t work.

4 Then tried to place the external steps, but there happened to be a bronze ingot on the floor where I was designing, so the stairs couldn’t be placed.

5 The last straw was when trying to place the upper floor beds. The first 2 were fine, then refused to place more. I tried to delete 1, and it just flipped it around, trying to delete the other bed, it then started cloning the beds, and they were overlapping ! couldn’t delete or undo.

I then said to Delete the entire building (as I’d done with the previous problems), but it wont. I’m now stuck with a well developed world with a stupid, faulty building in it. Great, have now given up on the game.

Each time I ended up starting over. After 2 hours I gave up on the piece of cr*p :frowning: Looking online, people have been complaining about these issues for over 2 years, so clearly NEVER going to get fixed, I’m just so cross. I really like the game, but haven’t played it since V20, now I remember why :(((

that’s why there is a new building system being implemented from A24 (steam unstable)
still needs work but is solving those issues you are describing

btw it has lots of changes so at first it will be somehow hard to get used to it
one you got it you should be able to do whatever you want