No longer able to do custom buildings

most of the time I don’t post bugs for alphas. With that said, I like this game and seeing how this bug has completely ruined my current town and scares me from putting any more time in to another, here it is.

I can no longer manually build anything, and about 10 mins of game time prior to this error(a few days ago) I was doing a large building with a lot of slabs, and it was so bugged I had to give up, walls wouldn’t delete and were just stuck in the air as a design. Anyways this current error here comes up when ever I load my save now and I cant do anything custom design wise. I didn’t try to build a temp building as this error kind of deflated me lol.

Also I’m on the newest build.

after about an hour of fooling around with it, it seems I cant place free standing walls and sometimes even when making the building without free standing walls it just wont build

Sorry to hear you’re having issues with the builder
This kind of thing tends to happen when you bug out a building the error carries on throguhout the save, i personally don’t know a way to fix it though

I’ll page @Brackhar to look into this

I won’t be much help, but lemme page an engineer!


This is an edge case related to undo, slabs, and merging structures. Unfortunately there’s no known workaround other than loading from a previous savefile. I’m still trying to reproduce it.

Most building errors can be solved by placing ladders or deleting things or reloading, but this one is different. Doesn’t happen very often, but it prevents you from keep on building in that savefile.