House editting problem. pls help!

My problem is when I try to edit my own house desing, I just can’t place doors,windows,furniture, I can’t raise up the walls, Icant place slabs in the house and I cant place roofs.


thx for reading

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hey there @Alkarius… welcome aboard! :smile:

can you elaborate a bit on the problem you’re having? are you unable to edit a building already under construction? is it a prefab that came with the game?

which build are you playing?

I am on Alpha 7 and its when I create a bran new building model not under construction (I know we can’t)

If you click build any time your editing then it wont let you do anything most times, especially with roof and walls. as you already gave the the order to build what is there. Now with doors and windows. I don’t know about this I usually can add that in while they are building. So it might just be a rare bug

But you can remove your edit, before they build it, to start over.

Now if it is a template, already made, you cant do much other then change the roof color/style. Maybe the wall style, (sorry I rarely template, so never tested that fully) erase items and window and doors. But again if you Click build after placement it locks in, unless you remove the build.

ok thanks I will try this